After the “MFA” training

Ömer Ceylan

Recently we have started using acronyms for the titles of our training courses when referring to them internally. So, MFA stands not for “Ministry of Foreign Affairs”, but for “Master of Finance and Administration”. This course is one of our…

Health-2-Market e-learning courses.

Krisztina Tóth

New e-learning courses are now available for researchers who wish to see their ideas come to life. Under the EU-funded Health-2-Market project, entrepreneurial-minded researchers have the possibility to learn about how to pursue business ventures and understand the dynamics of…

City Hungary 2013 Forum on sustainability

Péter Gyuris

Although the discussion on sustainability has started more than 50 years ago, there is arguably a lot left to be discovered in terms of what the concept means and how it could best be integrated into our daily lives, both…

International Learning Network (ILN) Workshop in Budapest

Alina Totti

Representatives from the European Commission and coordinators of EU-funded research cooperation projects targeting various geographical areas worldwide met in Budapest, Hungary to promote synergies among the projects and facilitate dialogue between the projects’ consortia and the European Commission. In light…

EU plans for energy efficiency in urban areas

István Pári

In my previous post, I have tried to look at means of improving community life by explaining the difference between Norwegian Grants and EU funds, as well as how they can complement each other for a common ideal. For the…

Norway Grants or EU funds?

István Pári

Today, I’ve decided to speak a bit about the Norway Grants and how to make the most of them. Are they different from the more-known EU structural or research (FP7) funds? Who can apply? Etc. By using the example of…

Europa Media trainings

Gabriella Lovász

The idea for the Europa Media trainings came quite naturally after working for several years on EU projects. The demand was there and it only took a few information days and other similar events, following the invitation of the National…

Cultural differences in business practices

Alina Totti

When some of us think of England, it is safe to say that among the things that pop into our minds are posh members of aristocracy who drink tea and sarcastically complain about the weather. It is enough to google…

Cultural differences in business practices

Alina Totti

A Finnish man from the countryside had a teenage son who was born mute. One day, as the two were working the land, the boy’s plough broke. To his father’s astonishment, the son started swearing angrily at the land.

Small steps towards a big change

Alina Totti

The Kosovar capital of Prishtina was host last week to the Regional Workshop on “Energy efficiency and renewable energy in public buildings”, following the initiative of the country’s Energy Efficiency Agency within the Ministry of Economic Development in cooperation with…

The trouble with green building projects in Hungary

István Pári

Sustainable growth is one of the EU’s main concerns and fundamental objective for the following years. With a budget of 70 billion Euro for the upcoming financial framework, the Union is indeed committed to not just restart the continent’s economy…

What makes a training different from the others?

Krisztina Tóth

A wide range of training programmes is available for those who would like to learn or develop their professional skills. Almost everything is available; you can apply for one day or one week course with theoretical or practical focus, you…