Challenging Audit Day

Gabriella Lovász

Last week’s audit training was quite special for various reasons. Gabor, based on his experience related to EC financial audits as well as the comments and suggestions of the previous audit training participants, has developed a brand new audit workshop:

New clarification in the FP7 Guide to Financial Issues

Ömer Ceylan

There are discussions about whether or not to charge the costs of project meeting costs under "Management" costs. Let’s see the updated guide:

12th DIVERSE conference

Richard Nagy

From 3 to 6 July 2012, the 12th edition of DIVERSE will take place at Arts Centre STUK in Leuven (Belgium). This conference is organized by Media and Learning Unit, KU Leuven in co-operation with the Diverse Network. DIVERSE is the…

A rainy day, but efficient, fully focused on financial issues

Gabriella Lovász

Today it is nice and sunny, Budapest is showing its best face, not like yesterday...

Reporting or travelling

Bodil Palmberg

Everyone working with EU projects knows that there will be time to report all the activities, eventual deviations from the work plan and all the related costs. Still, this exercise always comes to soon and we ask ourselves how time…

EU support for entrepreneurs, enterprises and SMEs in 2014-2020

Eszter Horváth

The future of EU funding entails various novelties. Not only all the research and innovation funding is being streamlined into Horizon 2020, but other EU funding schemes and support mechanisms are also undergoing certain changes with a view to simplification.…

FP7-Winter Academy 2012

Bodil Palmberg

We spent last week at the Velence lake, which is approximately an hour away from Budapest next to Székesfehérvár. It’s still not clear to me if this would be the second or third largest lake in Hungary (wikipeida tells it’s…

The power of information

Gabriella Lovász

I woke up before 5am today with a slightly paranoid idea in my head. It is still there, so I am wondering if anyone has a hypothetical solution.

The perfection in the imperfection

Bodil Palmberg

Stand there, turn a bit, back and down with your shoulders, relax, smile, open your eyes, make your hair more lively but less wild, turn your head here and there, and just look NATURAL… :)

European English…

Bodil Palmberg

There are few native English speakers, or put it differently there are many more of us who have another mother tongue than English. Still we are working and communicating every day in English. We all use the grammar we've learnt…

The pleasure of helping

Bodil Palmberg

Someone recently asked me what I like the most with my job. One really good thing is to have the possibility to help people. To help people to obtain funding to implement their ideas, and to assist the implementation of…

Some days you need a funny joke...

Bodil Palmberg

Sometimes you need to cheer up a colleauge. As today felt I had run out of jokes ( at least the funny ones... ) , I typed „funny jokes” in google, and this is what I found… :)