How your H2020 proposal budget can make you fail during evaluation

Valentina Zuri

Do you constantly receive high scores on the Excellence and on the Impact sections for your Horizon 2020 proposal, but the Implementation score drags you down? Here are four ideas on what the potential problems might be, and how…

Startup Olé 2018 promotes entrepreneurship in Central and Eastern Europe

Krisztina Tóth

17th-19th April, one of the brand new Startup Europe projects, MY-GATEWAY, was present at Startup Olé.

Applying for EU funding: finding the best programme for you, writing a solid project proposal

Valentina Zuri

Hacking your way through the jungle of EU funding programmes and opportunities can be a great undertaking. Which managing authority should you target, one in Brussels or one in your own country? Which is the most suitable programme for your…

Why and how to ENJOY the hard work on an EU project

Gabriella Lovász

For years we have been training people on how to successfully manage EU projects. But as one of my clever colleagues pointed out last week, we have never shown how to enjoy all these chaotic, annoying, frustrating and in the…

When is the right time to withdraw your proposal?

Frosina Ilievska

With the new Work Programmes published on the Participant Portal, it is time to strategize for the upcoming deadlines. You develop a concept, you find the right partners, but then something doesn’t go right, and you may find yourself in…

5 Tips for an efficient Exploitation plan in H2020 proposals

Gabriella Lovász

Article 28. of the H2020 Model Grant Agreement states that each beneficiary must — up to four years after the end of the project — take measures aiming to ensure ‘exploitation’ of its results (either directly or indirectly, in particular…

Building your project consortium – useful tips on how to successfully find partners

Daniel Frohnmaier

Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to involve a partner in your Horizon 2020 proposal consortium, but you were in doubt whether this partner is already committed to another consortium?

So you want to apply for EU funds? First 3 steps we suggest you take

Valentina Zuri

We recently held a webinar titled Fast-track to EU Funding and Horizon 2020; participants were from different countries, types of organisations and fields, but all had one objective in common: hacking their way through the jungle of…

Our Approach to Creative Communication of Project Mission and Results

Liliya Levandovska

Having carried out communication and dissemination services since 2003, EMG group experts ensured higher impact for over 60 EU projects. We believe that various target groups can be reached in simple and yet engaging ways.

Europa Media becomes Startup Europe Ambassador

Krisztina Tóth

19 March 2018, Budapest -- [Europa Media] proudly becomes “Startup Europe Ambassador” in Hungary.

Resubmitting a proposal

Mariana Mata Lara

Why you shouldn’t cheer down and throw a non-awarded proposal away!

7 tips on how to successfully survive an EC Audit in Horizon 2020

Gábor Kitley

Financial audits of Horizon 2020 projects are probably regarded as the scariest thing in the project lifecycle, unless you ask someone who have already been through it. Whether it is performed directly by the Commission officials or by subcontractors…