The Internet of Things

Valentina Zuri

Picture this: a fridge with a button that allows you to order take-away pizza and signals you when it’s time to buy groceries; a luggage that can communicate its geolocation and lock itself, if lost; a door bell that sends…

MY-WAY sets out to improve the web entrepreneurship ecosystem for students in Europe

Krisztina Tóth

MY-WAY will integrate student networks into the web-entrepreneurship eco-system for supporting the next generation of tech-entrepreneurs. If you would like to know more about the project or join our community please visit our website or follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook…

The end of the Circular Economy – but not for us

Valentina Zuri

On 25th February 2015, the College of Commissioners has adopted the executive’s 2015 Work Programme, permanently abolishing the Circular Economy Package.

Added value of migration and the freedom of movement

Liliya Levandovska

Like many other successful companies, we have quite an international team at Europa Media. Certainly, most are Hungarian, but there are also employees from Germany, Italy, Turkey and Ukraine.

Mobility matters

Daniel Frohnmaier

That the title of this post has a certain truth in it is undisputable. Flexibility has always been a high good, not only because of our daily commute and work related trips, but also for all of our private movements.…

A new Investment Plan for Europe

Valentina Zuri

He has been on board for three months only, but has already managed to attract attention, doubts and criticisms. I am referring to Jean-Claude Juncker, and his plan to create a new European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI).

Horizon 2020 two-stage submission system

István Pári

Horizon 2020 brought a number of significant changes compared to its predecessor Framework Programmes or similar schemes in terms of rules for application for funding, financial management and reporting. One of the major differences from previous practices was the introduction…

New Year Resolutions in 2015: Europa Media is here to help achieve some of them

Liliya Levandovska

When I decided to write this blog post, I was fully aware that this topic could seem rather trivial as after the holidays people are full of immediate desire to shed those extra kilos they put on during the weeks…

International Passive House Days in Hungary aka Passive Houses for dummies

István Pári

For many years now, since 2003, the second weekend of November hosts the International Passive House Days: Passive House owners and residents around the globe open their Passive House homes and offices and share their experiences, showing what this “Passive…

E-mail communication etiquette – have you mastered it?

Liliya Levandovska

About 15 years ago, when I was attending Grammar School in Ukraine, I had a course on Ethics, as my school was built on classical education principles. A tiny old lady, wearing a nice hat and gloves was showing us…

Preserving biodiversity in Natura 2000 forests by communication, cooperation and capacity building activities

Krisztina Tóth

“The European Commission has approved funding for new environmental awareness projects in six countries (Austria, Cyprus, Greece, Hungary, Poland and Romania) under the LIFE+ Information & Communication programme 2013. These projects will either raise the profile of environmental issues, or…

Discovering China – Project Progress Meeting and Workshop in Shanghai

Liliya Levandovska

Being an avid book reader, I found the truth in this proverb only during my visit to China. China is exactly as you would imagine it after you read numerous travel guides and yet it is completely different, surpassing expectations…