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Youth Employment Initiative
The European Council has decided to create a Youth Employment Initiative to add to and reinforce the very considerable support already provided through the EU structural funds. The Initiative will…
BONUS - 'Joint Baltic Sea Research Programme BONUS brings together the research communities of marine, maritime, economical and societal research to address the major challenges faced by the Baltic Sea…
Instrument Contributing to Stability and Peace (ICSP)
The Instrument contributing to Stability and Peace (IcSP) is one of the key external assistance instruments that enable the EU to take a lead in helping to prevent and respond…

Guiding material

Project management platform
A list of those platforms you may find useful for the management of your Horizon 2020 project
Coordinator's Guide to Horizon 2020 projects
We have collected the handiest templates, project management tools and practical tips, and supplemented them with examples for better clarification, so that you can directly use them in your projects.
How is the EU Budget distributed?

This document describes the main sources of income and the budgetary expenditures.


Risk Register
Quality Assurance Plan template
Work Package Internal Report template